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Customer rating Vagnsstaðir
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12/10/2019 Iana

Hey! Overall it was ok! But the fridge was full of water. The waste garbage was full. The room wasn't that clean. There was no pen or paper to write down the name for teh fridge. We liked the kitxhen area. Very nice dining room!

01/10/2019 Nathalie

Nous avions une chambre pour 6, les autres personnes sont arrivées à 1 heure du matin. Pas de lumière dans les douches.

28/09/2019 Shyaam

Our room was spacious, had a huge wardrobe, table chair and comfy beds. Washbasin in the room. washroom next door, showers downstairs. Nice openable windows. Parking right outside. No towels and we had to strip bed and put linen in basket when we left. No biggie! 10% discount with HI membership which we got online ahead. .

27/09/2019 Joan

I stayed at vagnsstadir hostel in July 2019 I now have the time to write a full explanation as to why I think this hostel was such a disappointment, and terrible value for the price I paid. This hostel ruined my memories of that area, and that really annoys me. The place you stay adds or takes way from the enjoyment of the overall experience of exploring Iceland. Take a look at Trip advisor reviews for your property. You have 76 negative(terrible/poor /average) and 64 positive. That is a LOT of unhappy people. Have you read their comments? Firstly it would be helpful to explain to people (with a sign) where the reception is in your newer building. The reception and breakfast and food for sale are all around a corner which is not signposted in any way, I found it by accident, as I was staying in the older building. The older building where I stayed was full of issues. 1) the door in my room (beside sitting room ) would not stay closed when shut. 2) the shower downstairs , had feeble pressure and was on a timer, and you have to continuously press for it to come on when it stops. The downstairs toilet has feeble tap pressure too. For £35 a night I expect more. 3) I met very few staff; a woman doing the rooms in the morning, in the old building and a lady at breakfast in the new building. The woman doing the rooms in the old building who I met was completely in her own world , grumpy when spoken to and made me feel unwelcome. The reception when I found it was attended to by a friendly young lady but if management had thought she could have sold me a variety of non perishable food given the fact that there are no shops around and I was without transport (hitchhiking). I wanted to talk to someone about the possibility of getting a late checkout, due to having been kept awake by snorers, but there was no one. As I checked out late due to tiredness brought on by snorers, the lady doing the beds was really rude to me. The front door was open to anyone and the bedroom door was open to anyone and there were no lockers. Again, for £35 I expect more. I had issues with snorers and wanted to change rooms but there was no one to talk to Towels were not provided or even offered for use for a cost The breakfast cost was very high for the quality of what was offered , tasteless cheap coffee, but I spent the money because I was hungry and barely any other food was available to buy. There was no free tea/coffee , as there was for example in Hofn HI hostel. This was a hostel in the middle of nowhere and I was travelling alone and without a car. If the owners had thought of this, they could have provided for me such things to buy as crisps , chocolate, nuts, dried fruit etc but there was only noodles. It is not hard to get a vending machine – it makes sense, The owners/ mangers appear to me to be thoughtless about this place and like they don't care. They seem to not be around a lot, and charge for substandard services. It could have been so much better and so much more could have been provided. I paid £35 a night to stay at the hostel and this was not cheap for sharing a bedroom with 5 other people and being kept awake at night each night with men snoring. Prices in Hofn HI hostel were more expensive but everything was top quality, and staff were so helpful I was so happy there and I was so miserable in vagnsstadir. How a manager runs a hostel is very obvious in the detail and it seems the manager of vagnsstadir doesn’t care at all and doesn’t think about what he/she would like to experience in a hostel. HOFN HI was perfect, comfortable, I felt valued as a customer. I felt despite it being the most I have ever paid for a hostel- it was money well spent. The staff were so pleasant and helpful, some of the best I have ever met. In Vagnsstadir, I felt exploited and annoyed; exploited because I had no other option in the area. "Overpriced" is a recurring comment on tripadvisor for this property. I agree

26/09/2019 Peter

Pretty low bunk beds, older building, small showers and kitchen could be cleaner.