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Customer rating Reykjavik Downtown
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18/07/2019 Josep

Está entre los mejores albergues de la cadena: amabilidad del personal y limpieza son las notas más destacadas.

17/07/2019 Melissa

This was my second time staying at the hostel. The first was in 2017 with the prior owners. The main thing that stood out to me was the fact that the character of the place had changed quite a bit. There used to be a whale painted on the back wall in the kitchen area. This mirrored some of the street art which could be found around the city. It made it feel a little more homey and a little less sterile. The mural has been taken away. I'm not sure that this was the right choice. There are many security features which were not working properly. For instance we were locked out of our rooms for two nights because of issues with the key card system. Some of the staff were rather cold and this was a surprise to me as I remember the staff being very welcoming last time I stayed with you. The rooms were pretty clean but I remember them being far cleaner in the past. I also remember the checkout system being a little bit more efficient in terms of having bins to put dirty linens etc. Overall I was pretty dissapointed this time around.

15/07/2019 Ingvar

One of the best things is to stay that close to town centre for such a nice price. Also there was plenty of space in the dorm, since it was nearly empty. And the kitchen nice and clean as alway, now even without teflon saucepans (important both for health and environment). But there still was way to long to wait for the hot water in the kitchen. I think there should have been a poster encouraging people to use the water heater to prepare water for washing up. And the heater itself could preferanly have been of the kind which turns off when you lift it from the platform. That is for safety reasons. Abyway, I also got all the help I needed in reception regarding my stay in Reykjavik and further trip to north Iceland.

13/07/2019 Dietmar Ebert

HI-Jugendherberge in bester Lage. Die Küche wird wohl täglich gereinigt, doch die elektrischen Gerätschaften (z.B. Mikrowelle) könnten sauberer sein.

10/07/2019 PHILIP