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Customer rating Reykhólar Hostel
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12/10/2019 Janet

Very comfortable hostel. We were in a mixed 6 bed dorm but no bunkbeds in sight !. make sure you have all the food you need for self catering as although there is a little shop and resturant just down the road its not always open and was a bit pricey.

25/09/2019 Juan

Really really nice place. One of the best kitchens, hot tub, beautiful enviroment, very well equipped. All went great, thank you!

23/09/2019 DAVID

I loved this small hostel! It looks like all the rooms and bathrooms have been remolded sometime recently (at least it had that new, modern feel) and the views from the kitchen/dining area are amazing. The kitchen area is a little small, but there are not very many rooms overall and it wasn't a problem for me.

18/09/2019 Silke

When I arrived at 7 pm, there was no staff present and I had to give the host a call. Other guests cautioned me that they had waited for an hour. I was told on the phone that someone would be with me after a short while. That turned out to be an hour and a quarter later. At a normal check-in time I consider that a bit excessiv. The dorm room was in the basement with a small window just above the ground. Since I had my measuring tape out for my knitting anyway, I measured the height of the ceiling for fun, it was 1,94 m (= 6'4") a tall person might want to take that into consideration. The dorm rooms are below the common areas and the entrance which can make it a noisy affaire just as the fact that on the same corridor is the door to the hot tub. I had the unfortunate luck of having a group staying there which hang out in the hot pot untli late into the night going in and out talking loudly. I can imagine this to happen regularly. An electric kettle in the kitchen would have been lovely. Sorting of waste is not really encouraged there, the bins are mostly not labeled. The toilet in the basement was quite uncomfortable - even the cheapest seats a low cost carrier airline offers has more legroom than there is between the toilet seat and the stall door of the lady's.

17/09/2019 Lena