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Customer rating Mexico City - Hostel Downtown Beds
- 21 Reviews -
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03/12/2014 Obdulia

El desayuno fue muy deficiente. Ninguno de los días que estuvimos alli estuvo bien, en el sentido de que un dîa faltaba pan, otro cafe, otro fruta y asi. Por otro lado, el din de semana no se respeta el descanso puesto que se Permite utilizar las zones comunes hasta Alta's horas de la noche (futbolín, bar, y se permite fumar dentro del recinto)

28/07/2014 Fabio Rezende

Location is perfect , but nobody clean my room and bad service on breakfast and on the desk

22/01/2014 Bradwell

As I wrote before, I enjoy this hostel, especially the minimalist design aspect. However, sorry, but, I've got to point out that the TV projector is still not working, and this certainly makes it more that a week, more like two, that it hasn't been. The staff would not commit to a time that it will be fixed, so I believe it's only fair to withdraw "TV Room" from your attraction list.

10/01/2014 Estefania

Awesome place and stay, can't wait to go back and stay for a few more nights

02/01/2014 Jacqulynn

Wifi was very unreliable. There were no maps available that I could see and the check-in staff did not offer any help or show me where the lockers are or explain how to access the wifi. Basically she just said here is your key, go up the stairs.

26/12/2013 Bradwell

I enjoyed my stay at this hostel very much. Jesus, Edgar, Raoul, and Israel were all very attentive to me. Indeed, the design aspect of the hotel was what I liked most about it, and the main reason I would want to return and would recommend it to others. May I request that other members of your staff become more acquainted with the design vision? Why is it that nobody at your hotel knows whether your desing vision is postmodern or not? Isn't that important to you? Somebody designed the interior with a vision; doesn't anyone know what that is? Postmodernism is a significant movement in this day and age. It is also a pity that the projector in the movie room was not functioning for the last few days I was a guest there. The movie room is a good idea and a good layout, so let's hope that it's up and running again soon.

26/11/2013 Beatriz

Si se pudiera manejar mejor las valijas grandes que no caben en los lockers

30/10/2013 Maria

El lugar esta padrisimo y con una excelente ubicación, lo malo fue la calidad del servicio a la hora de tomar los alimentos, no sirvieron el desayuno a tiempo y completo y para pedir de comer no sabíamos con quien dirigirnos.