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Customer rating HI - Philadelphia - Apple Hostel
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13/04/2015 Linda

This hostel stay was a delightful experience. I was amazed at the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. They even went out of their way to make certain that I left at the time needed for an important engagement. The rooms were likewise excellent, and the fellow hostel companions a real delight. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

22/03/2015 Natalia

I disliked the following: 1) Hostel entrance being off on alley. 2) Location next to a club.3) They lied about the number of beds in the shared women's dorm; stating 8 beds on the website instead of the more than 20 beds in the women's dorm. I wouldn't recommend this hostel to anyone and unless I were broke or desperate, I wouldn't return. Based on my prior, overwhelmingly pleasant experiences at HI hostels in Chicago and Washington, DC, I'm surprised this is a member of the HI brand.

Hostel response
I'm very sorry you were disappointed with your stay. The hostel is not located in an alley, it's a very tiny street as we're located in the historic district of Philadelphia so many of the streets are quite narrow. One of the great things about our hostel is that we're located on a nice quiet street so we don't get all of the noise from traffic that you would get from being on a main road. At the same time, we're only 50 feet from Independence National Historic Park as well as many restaurants and nightlife without any of the noise that normally comes with that. There is a night club right near us, but they're only open 2 nights a week and have a very well sound-insulated building. I think you're confusing the number of beds available when you made your reservation. Nowhere does it say 8 beds. We have wonderfully spacious dorm rooms, and each bed has two electrical outlets, two USB charging ports and reading light. That's terrific that you preferred HI-DC and HI-Chicago, most people prefer our hostel because of all of our amenities, and our small size which makes us more "homey" and personable. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!

19/03/2015 Ting Ru

The place is small but warm! Staffs are nice and activities are interesting! I recommend that breakfast can have more options

16/03/2015 William

My brief stay in Philadelphia was pleasant.

09/03/2015 Jonathan

I liked everything. Alice, Max, and Bradley were friendly, effective, and efficient. I was impressed by the frequent tours that the staff made around the clock: good security and allowed them to stay on top of maintenance issues. Best-equipped kitchen I have ever seen.

24/02/2015 LIK HANG

The best hostel I stayed in thr US, nice staffs, very helpful, and i love the setting in the dorm, not to fully-packed.

16/01/2015 Paul

Great staff, location, price, and activities!! In the dorm you have only one hook to hang clothing on. May I suggest more hooks as you do have plenty of wall space for additional hooks. No place to hang Winter coats, etc. Thanks. Oh, There is a need for night lights (small ones) to ight the floor. I almost tripped over bags and clothing in the dark!!! Careful, that is a legal liability!!!

06/01/2015 Barbara

Leider nur Teppiche, wie in vielen amerikanischen Hostels, Küche und Aufenthaltsräume ohne Tageslicht, sonst schön. Sehr gute Atmosphäre.