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Customer rating HI - Los Angeles - South Bay
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10/09/2014 Mathias

Ruhige, malerische Lage. Super Parkmöglichkeiten.

25/08/2014 Matthew

Our private bedroom had a broken window that couldn't close. It gets chilly at night, even in the summer on a hill and a peninsula. We had bikes with us but the bike rack was not very secure, well lit nor very accessible. The staff was great and the location and views are unbeatable for the $$$.

13/08/2014 Kamil

The hostel is located in residential area and there is nothing within walking distance where you can buy groceries or go to a restaurant. You must have car. The hostel is not very comfortable, matresses were very thin and I felt the wood underneath. WiFi mostly work in the reception and not in the room. The company should invest money into facility and this HI hostel is uncomparable with the service provided in HI hostel in San Francisco and it is not cheap either. I wouldn't stay again.

08/08/2014 Randy

Fantastic location and thoughtful staff.

03/08/2014 LeAnn

I did not spend much time at the hostel. But the accommodations were just fine. However I think it would have been good to know that hot water is not available for showers. Other than that, I felt safe and was able to get the sleep I needed.

Hostel response
Thank you for your review. We have been continuing to troubleshoot our hot water issue with our plumber to fix the problem. Our other buildings have do have hot water. I apologize if our staff members did not let you know that you could have used the other female shower in the other building. Sorry for the inconvenience but thank you for your visit with us!

31/07/2014 Tiffany

it wasn't quite up to par with what seemed to be HI standards. We had a major ant infestation, the mattresses were not like the ones in the other hostels. The slats from the bunk bed were felt all night long. Nice view but the property felt somewhat... Prisonesque. Heavy fencing surrounding the property pretty much took away from the view. ZERO hot water the entire stay and WIFI never worked. I also really missed having a small common room outside of the kitchen & dining. I will not return.

Hostel response
Thanks for taking the time to review our hostel. We're sorry you weren't completely satisfied with your stay with us. We are currently working with our plumber to fix the water issue in the female dorm. A staff member should have notified you that you were able to use the other female shower in the next building. We apologize if you were not told this. Being that we're in a large public park, we have the fencing to assist with privacy and security of all guests. We will take your other comments into consideration and work to improve our property. Thanks again!

29/07/2014 Tiago

very nice and calm place, with a very friendly environment. but also a little bit far from downtown and other touristics places. if you're going for the beaches, you're right. if you're going for hollywood, not so much.

Hostel response
Thank you for taking the time to review our hostel! We appreciate it

13/09/2013 Ivan

Go to any youth hostel in Europe and learn ! Specific suggestions : a toilet in the common area would be very usefull. Concerning the houses, having the toilets and the showers in the same room is not nice at all.

Hostel response
Thanks for your feedback. Our hostel buildings are historically protected and unfortunately cannot build a bathroom in the common space or modify the existing ones.