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Customer rating Osaka - Shin-Osaka YH
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25/12/2016 Guillaume

i disliked the presence of smoking rooms ; if people need to smoke they must go out. But I didnt smell it. Very very nice hostel

Hostel response
Thank you for your staying at our hostel. We are glad to here that you were able to stay comfortably. We will be careful about the smell of smoking which makes you feel not so good. Anyway, we look forward to seeig you. See you then.

14/11/2016 ChangLun

Stayed 7 nights at Shin Osaka and Utano youth hostel. It's really good place to stay for any traveler or backpacker. The indoor and outdoor environment were pretty clean and beautiful. And the staffs can also serve well and be able to answer my questions. Hopefully, I wish hostel could organize some socializing and culture exchange event that all the guests can get to know each other and have fun together. If so, I think the hostel will be much lively.

Hostel response
Thank you for your comment. We are glad to see that and will do our best for serving any guests much more. Our hostel sometimes have an event like cooking Japanese foods, to give a chance for communication. We will be happy to hear that you visit here again for your stay. Thank you.

05/11/2016 Goo Tong

One common shortcoming among many Hihostels/YHA in many places/countries are zero or hardly any simple wall hooks in the rooms and toilets.. Where can one hang damp towels, coats, etc.? These are cheap and easy to fix items yet hardly there.

Hostel response
Thank you for your comment. We are sorry for your inconvenience about the hooks. We have some hangers in the locker for what you need. We will look forward to hearing the new booking from you somday. Thank you.

18/09/2016 Andrew

Air conditioner was set to 28 degrees in bedrooms, and for most of the hostel. That in itself wouldn't be a problem, as I know air conditioners are bad for the environment. What wasn't so good was that they didn't have any electric or even hand-held fans to borrow. Staff were not very knowledgeable. They didn't know anything about Taishū engeki in Osaka, suggesting I try Kyoto instead. Restricting showers and entry to midnight was a little restrictive. Very convenient location, however.

Hostel response
Thank you for your comment. We are sorry not to give you a good information that what you need to know. We will look forward to serving you next time!

01/09/2016 Caroline

Great hostel for a quick stay. It was easy to find from the Shin-Osaka station. The rooms were clean and there were nice ammenities.

Hostel response
Thank you for your comment. We look forward to your next reservation. Take care then.