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Kundenbewertung Far East International Youth Hostel
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08.01.2015 Julian

Hardly a hostel but a not fully converted hotel, there are real hostels around. Location at a first glance doesn't seem convenient (looks like an old suburb) but if you walk a bit it ends being nice. No tourist information provided at any moment, at all. Staff is not very friendly. Paid locker room

14.11.2014 Mathew

the staff do speak english better than i expect but this place has lot of foreigner. but i found some front desk person not polite and refuse my request when they would provide me. also the dryer all broken and need to fix!

07.10.2014 Jesús

I would like to say that we have stayed many times at hostelling int properties, most of them have been very enjoyable , this time we were very disappointed on the service, the staff don't speak a word of English nor they try to help you with the most basic information about the area. We got all the information at other hostels nearby , they were very kind to help us. The location is good and safe too.

07.10.2014 Joy

Beautiful, very clean, friendly staff, nice restaraunt, good social atmosphere. Minuses: courtyard open to street, bathrooms often out of TP, no kitchen or fridge for guests, hard for a non smoker to escape the smell of cigarettes.

03.10.2014 Etienne

Overall, i liked my stay at this hostel in Beijing, but some things could be better. Even though they provided a wi fi signal for internet, they don't have any public computer that guests can use. I didn't have a smartphone or a laptop with me, so i could not access the internet at the hostel.There was a HI statement on the wall of the the toilet regarding towels, and even though i did leave my towels hanging, they were still changed and washed for nothing.

01.10.2014 Vlamir

31.08.2014 Nazim

I had taken a single room. It was kind of strange that they allow only one device to connect to internet. Like I was told that if I connect my pad then I can not connect my laptop. This is not only very strange in today's world but inconvenient also as most of the chat software work only on phone and pad while you still need access to internet on the laptop for email etc.

31.08.2014 Zaid

As a Muslim backpacker, I like this Far East Hotel because there are more than 20 Muslim restaurants and food stalls around the hotel... so not difficult to get halal foods.. Although nearby the hotel are busy shopping streets but the hotel itself is located in a considerably quiet area and peaceful neighborhood.. excellent.. Most staff are friendly especially cleaning staff... extremely friendly.. will come back to stay in this hotel..