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22/05/2017 jessica

None of the power points in the dormitories worked so everyone had to charge there devices in the dining room. While breakfast was served it was minimal and there wasn't enough for all the guests. Despite this the stay was pleasant, the beds comfy and the city of Victoria beautiful.

Hostel response
I am very sorry that the plug sockets were not working. A breaker must have blown. We have no record of anyone telling us of a power point not working. Please let us know of anything not working in the hostel and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. As for breakfast, we do supply a minimal amount, it is not as much as the other hostels supply, and I am looking into a larger breakfast for all. Thank you for the kind words about the beds and city. I hope if you stay again, things will be better for you.

30/01/2017 Eliott

1 nuit passée en dortoir (J) ! Environ 40 lits dans ce dortoir, bien séparés par box de 4/6 lits ! Toutefois c'est assez etouffant ! Petit dejeuner pas très fourni... domage ! Personnel tres aimable + possibilité d'achetés des tickets pour le Royal british museum avec des tarifs avantageux !

18/10/2016 Kenneth

very clean, good refrigeration, and cordial people. Stair tread edges are coming loose and could cause major injury if a fall takes place. New wooden treads would be advisable to reduce liability.

Hostel response
Thank you for your kind words. The stair tread edges has since been nailed, very thoroughly down. Daran Manager

29/09/2016 YAN-DUAN


25/09/2016 Hayley

A huge building perfect for a large hostel, but with size comes difficulty in maintaining a community atmosphere within it. Despite large guest numbers, hardly anybody spoke to anybody. The Wi-Fi only works in the main seating area and not in the girls' dormitories. The bathrooms were functional but could really do with either a huge clean and/or replacement of certain components too mouldy to clean. Perhaps sell small padlocks for lockers, too, as oppose to just renting them out?

Hostel response
Thank you for the feedback . We are finding nowadays that with smart phones and laptops, people sit , isolated, and not speaking. We are trying to get people to engage in conversation and play some games. We do have music nights at the hostel, but I understand they are not for everyone. Wi -fi has been a problem at Victoria, We are boosting the signal soon, I hope. The female toilets will be thoroughly cleaned this season. And on a last note we do rent and sell locks at the front desk, I am sorry the option wasn't given to you.