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Customer rating HI - Calgary City Centre
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07/01/2015 Michael

It is an awesome hostel and one of the best HI Hostels I stayed up to now during my time in Canada. The hostel is only a few minutes from downtown and the C-Train Station away. All rooms (washroom, bed dorm, games room & reading room, kitchen) are very clean and very nice furnished.

23/11/2014 Jamie

Hotel was great, only issue I'd state is how smelly the rooms can get as a result of lack of ventilation. Got moved once, but as a result of many local workers staying and people involved in winter sports, every morning was greeted with a lingering smell. The staff however were very attentive and did what they could, but unfortunately the only way around it is to open the windows and embrace the winter!


This is a really nice hostel to stay in. It was recently refurbished due to the flood of the previous year. I have to say it was super nice sleeping on a real spring mattress that was comfortable. The staff were lovely, especially a very cheery cleaner whose name I can't recall at the moment. There is no entertainment or bar at this hostel so if you prefer a quieter place to stay then this would be the one. Breakfast was nice with cereal, toast, waffles, coffee and juice.


Enjoyed the company of other hostellers. It is situated near construction sites at the moment, but this will improve. No noise through the night if you are on the 'right-side' hand of the building but heard others complain about the train noise from the 'front-side' of the building. Where we were was great. Overall very happy with location & facilities. Will stay here again.

21/08/2014 Miguel

We need a small lamp or dim light next to the beds. Nobody wants to turn on the dorm lights at night and everyone is using their cell phones to go through their stuff. Also outlets are needed near beds to charge phones or laptops.

24/07/2014 Julie

Une auberge toute neuve avec une immense cuisine et des salles confortables pour lire ou checker ses mails au niveau des chambres. Bonne ambiance générale des routards. Petit déj inclu dans le prix et avec pancakes ! Emplacement un peu à l'écart du centre ville. Prévoyez des boules quies car le tram passe juste à côté et fait du bruit. Sinon auberge top !

13/10/2013 laetitia

Les travaux autour de l'auberge la rende peu accesible surtout lors d'une arrivée en voiture de nuit, et pour trouver le parking c'est encore pire! En dehors de ça bonne prestation

18/07/2013 Raquel

I really enjoyed my stay until the floods. It was a shame to have been affected by the floods, the refund also took a while to be processed, but everything was sorted out with no problems at the end. I hope you can recover soon! Thank you